Tens of thousands of titles up to 80% off everyday

We have over 1700 square feet of books and gifts wedged into our little corner store!
And with hundreds of new book in each week, you're bound to find something you haven't read!

Trade in and Save!

We offer trade credit for your gently pre-read books, so bring them to us to earn credit discounts
on future purchase.  We can even make a cash offer on select titles. Check out our Book Buy &
Trade Policies
for details.


Is it deja vu, or...?                 

If keeping up with all the books you've read is getting tough (especially when those pesky authors republish
with new cover art and summaries!),
Copperfield's can track each book you purchase and we'll let you know if you've bought that title before. 

The owners of Copperfield's are lifelong members of the community. We're open 7 days a week --
stop by and get to know us!